Top 4 Motu Patlu Games to Play on Mobile

Motu Patlu is an animated show that is on aired on a local Indian Kids TV Channels. The show revolves around two characters Motu and Patlu who are head over heels in love with Samosas and is filled with comedy content. The show revolves around the uncanny and troublesome life of the duo as they tend to attract troubling situations wherever they go.  In this article, we are going to talk about the Motu Patlu games that you can download from the Google play store. The games are quite fun and can be played by members of all ages. So read and learn about these games.

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Motu Patlu games to Play on Android Mobile

You can find this game easily on Android. The game is developed by the software house under the name of Nazra games. The game revolves around the race between the gang and Motu Patlu. There are different powers which you can use in order to slow down your opponent. You are also allowed to activate your player’s vehicle from scooter to even M80 with the help of gaming currency. There are total 6 levels of the game along with super exciting multiple missions. Some exciting features like using the magic potion for slowing down your opponent are also a part of this game. The game does not hinder the player’s privacy and the developers do not collect any personal information of the user who downloads it.

Motu Patlu Fruit attack:

It is another game that you can play on tablet or mobile phone as it is an android based game. You can easily find it on play store. The game begins when Motu and Patlu decide to participate in a war that is done in ancient times. The player has to attack a fruit and if you do it right you will be titled as Robin Hoodit is like an Olympic game. Motu is responsible to throw out a fruit in the air and you have to hit fruit when it is in the air.

King of the Kings 3D Motu Patlu:

In this game, Boxer Bahi is hunting all animals in the jungle, and Motu Patlu is trying to save the nature. Help them to make a better place for animals to live. This game has more than 1 version of the game, one of them is Motu Patlu King of the Kings 2 and 3.

Motu Patlu Run:

It is another adrenalin rushing game that you can download on your phone for playing. In this game, Motu and Patlu have to catch John the Don who steals gold from the citizen of FurFuri Nagar. The team chase after the thief by moving through the streets of FurFuri Nagar. The player is allowed to use different power-ups and bikes in order to shorten the length of the chase after the thief.

Motu Patlu cycling adventure


This game is about yet another adventure of the duo where they have to go cycling through a village of FurFuri Nagar. In this game, Motu Patlu is required to avoid different hurdles in order to proceed in the game. The game lies in the category of arcade and is known to work smoothly without getting stuck. The player must avoid crashing into pedestrians, motorbikes, and rocks in order to proceed further into the game. The most admired feature of the game is best 3d graphical integration.