The Last of US PC Download Game (Solved)

We are talking about The last of us game, which is an action-adventure survival horror video game. It is developed by Naughty Dog, directed by Bruce Straley and Neil Druckmann and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. It is designed by Jacob Minkoff and programmed by Travis McIntosh and Jason Gregory. Erick Pangilinan and Nate Wells are the artists of “The last of us game”. This game was released for the Play station 3 on June 14, 2013. Its writer is Neil Druckmann and composed by Gustavo Santa Olalla. After releasing this game Naughty dog has introduced many games like The Last of Us: Left Behind, The Last of Us Remastered and so on, to the PlayStation 4. Kids who want quick downloading link go to The Last of us PC download.

Features of the Last of Us Game

This game is played from the perspective of the third person. The player can change the select the environment according to his own choice, like weather, towns, buildings, sewers and so on. Players can use the stealth, improvised weapons, firearms to fight and defend himself from the enemies and other non-human fungal zombies. The main task of the player is to handle the Joel, who is the helper of the main player Ellie. Basically, Ellie is the main player and leading his companions. These players are controlled by the artificial intelligence.

There are some features that allow users to use the long ranged and short ranged weapons like handguns, rifles, bows, shotguns and barreled shotgun. When a player is assigned a task then he had also found the short term weapons like pipes, baseball bats, and throw bricks and bottles to daze enemies. The player can also find the bandages and other materials like health kit for increasing his life and power. He can upgrade his life by gathering the pills and medicinal plant present in the environment.

There are many interesting features in this game, the player can use stealth option for either preventing the attacks from the enemies or to call his enemies. Through the listen mode, he can hear or detect his enemies and can watch in 3-D. He uses the DCS (Dynamic cover system) or bows down on knees to save himself from the attacks of the enemies during the fight.
Passing to the next level, the player must have to solve the puzzle to move next. Sometimes, he has to cross the river or to reach the hilly areas. The player can get help from the maps, comics, menu or notes to solve the puzzle or to play the game.

For Multimode players:

As this game is based on the Action, adventure, and survival horror, so, it also allows you to plays through the multiple players. At the same time, 8 players can fight and defeat the same enemy at the same level. It is programmed by the high skills of Artificial Intelligence. When the enemies attack the player then the assistances are automatically called like the Dynamic cover system to save life and so on. When Ellie is in trouble then his companions like Joel and other can also help him by throwing, bottles, bricks, pipes, glasses and so on to diminish the enemies. Which has been poked in download free games site.