James Rodriguez Wealth – Future Prospects for Colombian Super Star

Today the world of football has more talent than ever before. On one hand players like Ronaldo and Messi have been breaking records since many years. And on the other hand young players like Bale, Neymar, Hazard, and James have mesmerized the world with their amazing talent. James Rodriguez is among the top rated young players right now and today we are going to briefly look at the James Rodriguez Net Worth and other factors related to his wealth.

When we take a look at the James Rodriguez Contracts over the years, the player has been able to land himself some pretty impressive contracts thanks to his amazing performances. His most lucrative contracts have been with Monaco and Real Madrid. James Rodriguez Wealth started increasing rapidly after he signed the contract with Monaco in 2013. The player performed well for the club and proved himself to be a valuable asset. Then came the world cup 2014 in Brazil. This world cup did wonders for James Rodriguez Earnings. The young Colombian played tremendously well and it was after this very world cup that he was signed by Real Madrid. James Rodriguez Salary at Real Madrid is more than $150,000 per week. The player has performed well for Real Madrid and helped the club win many crucial matches.

Another thing that determines, how well a player is doing is the brand endorsement deals. When we talk about James Rodriguez Endorsement Deals, the player has been able to land some impressive brand endorsement deals from world renowned brands including Adidas. Rodriguez is still only 25 years old and with the kind of success he has seen in the recent years, we can say that it is likely that he will flourish and become one of the top contenders for FIFA Ballondor Award in coming years. As the Colombian super star continues to impress the crowds around the world with his amazing performances, his wealth will also grow over time.

We saw that after the 2014 world cup, James got many new opportunities, was offered contracts by various clubs, and was offered many endorsement deals by top brands in the world. If he can replicate similar performance in future tournaments, he will get many more opportunities and will surely become one of the wealthiest athletes in the world.

There were also some talks of James leaving Real Madrid in near future. However, for now, the player is well settled at Real Madrid. And regardless of whether he stays at Real Madrid or decides to leave, James Rodriguez Net Worth, is expected to grow in future.