How to Learn English Very Easily

Find a young Asian, African or even other Latin American countries that dominate English is common. On the other hand, there are few Brazilian students with the same profile.

But you wonder why?

Some blame the government of the country because of its educational system that does not give much importance to the English language. There are also those who consider the language schools are responsible for this delay, blaming them for thinking more in profit than in a properly effective teaching.

In both cases, we can generalize. Because many times the only culprit for the difficulty in learning English is Brazil itself.

And how is this possible?

It is believed that the main problem in Brazil is not in the belief sleep now and wake up tomorrow talking fluently, or else, having too lazy to study enough.

The two points that weigh more at the time of the Brazilian learning English are:

– Grammatical correctness requirement (especially in regard to the pronunciation);

– Search by native speech (ie an uncontrollable urge to speak like a British or American, to learn and develop the language since they are babies).

Many Brazilians believe that learning English is directly linked to the fact of speaking like a native – be it American or British. So much so that many students are too attached to speech and pronunciation of a particular US region and still end up finding it harder to what really matters – learn the language.

Do not know or speak Portuguese law

Another mistaken belief of Brazilians is this: “I do not know or speak Portuguese well as speak English?”

Stop to consider this sentence and think the opposite side: if neither the Portuguese we can master all the rules (and turns and moves we have any questions) because it would be different with the English? To achieve fluency in English you will have to exercise it, just as you do with your good old Portuguese every day.

I just want to speak English when you’re really prepared

Another aspect that makes the Brazilian stop in time is saying “will only begin to speak English (ie speak the language) when they are at the advanced level.” And the reason? Shame.

Remember that as with the Portuguese when we are children, the process of learning a language requires the need of constant trial and error. Thus, the more you talk, the better your chances of becoming fluent. There is today countless sites online where you can chat for free with native or other students around the world to exercise their English without leaving home. Overcoming insecurity produced in early learning is an act of courage. And you will see how that courage is also recognized by those around you. Their own progress with the language will multiply your trust and confidence in their ability to communicate in a different language. And the best part is that the security is extrapolated to other areas of your life you will face more value than before.

Because others Learn faster than the Brazilians?

You must know people around the world who are not native to a country that speaks English, but the command of the language. This is the case of Italian, Japanese, Argentines, French, Greek, Chinese and others.

And maybe you look at these people and think: but after all because I can not speak English like them?

And the truth that lies behind the belief that the Brazilian can not learn English is the Brazilian demands a lot of himself. Instead of learning the language of your way (as with slips of pronunciation, for example), it holds too much to American / British standards and ends up delaying their learning process. Another point is the root of the tongue. For us we have a language derived from Latin, learn other as Spanish, French or Italian who also come from Latin is much easier.

Knowing another language will allow you to talk and meet other people who do not speak their mother tongue, so that will help you grow your social network, build friendships with people from other cultures that enrich their lives and to change the course of his career . So, you want to know what is the first step to start learning English more quickly and efficiently? Leaving these aside myths!

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