Help & Support if Your Baby Has Colic

You are just getting used to having a baby and your partner has gone back to work. then it happens Colic strikes. Having a Colic baby can really take the joy out of parenting and it can make you feel guilty.. but don’t. It is so difficult to remain positive when your baby won’t stop crying. There are a number over the counter remedies available but that can be very expensive and you may find that none actually work. You need to remember that colic is temporary and it will pass. Colic will not harm your baby.

What is Colic?

Colic is a term that is used when your baby cries suddenly and excessively and cannot be soothed. Unfortunately, the cause of Colic in babies still very much unknown, however, we do know that Colic is not an illness or a diagnosis but it is a combination of different behaviors.

Colic symptoms

So how can you tell if your baby has colic?

Long periods of crying – Crying that lasts at least three hours, at least three days a week isn’t normal. The crying tends to occur at the same time each day and when they cry it sounds like they are in pain.

They pull their legs up to their tummy while crying – If they arch their back and pull their legs up to their tummy while crying and unfortunately this is another symptom of colic.

There is no apparent reason for the crying– Babies cry because they need or want something. It could be feeding, they’re craving attention, they’re tired and need a nap or they need to be changed. If all of these things can be ruled out, then colic is likely to be the problem.

The symptoms will largely be linked to their behavior, rather than physical symptoms. If your baby has any symptoms of illness such as a fever and nausea, this is likely to be an indicator of illness rather than colic. Colic in babies should always be properly diagnosed by a doctor, so regardless of whether they have any symptoms of illness, you should still get them checked over to double check it is actually colic you’re dealing with. Your GP may prescribe different milk for your baby to try and going to your doctor is often a cheaper way of trying to banish colic yourself.

What causes colic?

Although the causes of colic are unknown there are a number of theories which experts believe.

  • Immature digestive system
  • Overstimulated senses
  • Food Allergies or Sensitivity
  • Wind

Is Colic Harmful to you Baby?

Colic will not harm your baby, It is important to stay as calm as possible and remind yourself and each other that Colic is just a phase and it will pass. If you feel like Colic is making you feel depressed or unable to cope, it is important to speak out. Confide in friends and family for extra support and speak to your health visitor or GP as soon as you can.

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