Happy National sister day 2016 – History – How to Make this day special?

National sister day or national siblings day is celebrated once a year on the first Sunday of the August. Sister Day in 2016 will be celebrated on the 7 August. Sister Day or sibling day is celebrated to give honor to the sister or brother. It was introduced federally in 2005. Like Father’s Day and Mother’s Day, Sister Day is not federally known. But the Foundation is working to support the National Sister Day and to recognize this in the Federal system. In 1998, the governors of the 49 states have announced the celebration of this day in the country. This day spread at the international level, starting from the America to the other countries like India, Australia etc.


History of National Sister Day

National siblings day was introduced by the Claudia Evart. She is the one who firstly announced the sister day. She was a mad lover of her siblings who died because of the disease in their early ages. This was damn sad happening for her. She missed them and wanted to give respect to them, that’s why she introduced this day to give them honor and respect. Visit nationalsisterday2016.com to download images, and gift ideas for sister day.

Claudia is the Nominee of the US for the 12 congressional district of the New York. She was respected for the proclamation this day. She announced the holiday at this day. On 26 September 2005, she announced it into the official congressional record of the United States congress.

Siblings day shows many Relations

National sister day is not only for sisters. It is also for the friend, brother, and for too much loving and caring mother who also behave as you elder sister or friend. This day can be celebrated with anyone above mentioned relations. Sister is termed as the variety of relations; she is your best friend as well as the enemy. To have a good sister is also the blessing of the God. Here are some quotes to honor the sister:

  • You are the sister as well as my bestie; I can’t lose you at any cost.
  • A sister is the childhood memory which can never be lost.
  • The precious thing I know in my life is only you, my sister.
  • Elder sisters are like crabs in the garden of the heart.
  • The most precious relation in the life is having the sister.

How to make Sister Day special?

There are many ways to make the National sister day special. Here are the tips to celebrate the sister day with new style:

Make Sister Day Cards

The handmade thing has great importance because it contains loves and sincerity when you made it. You can make the sister day cards on the National sister day to show love for your sister.

Make humble conversation with your sister

Talking with your beloved ones is the best thing you ever did for them. There is no solution rather than talking. You can discuss old memories with each other and can say that you have said before due to shyness or any other reasons.

Go for Picnic

Girl parties are interesting as she does enjoyable things in the party. Choose the place with greenery or beach side. Bring the entire thing that you love to eat and the costumes for a picnic that you find are necessary at a picnic. Enjoy a lot with your loving sister.

Present the Gifts

National sister day gifts
National sister day gifts

The attention and the care increase the love among the relationship. So is the case with the gifts. You can give the most favorite thing of your sister as the gift. Girls mostly like the jewelry, cosmetics etc. this is up to you as you better know about the choice of your sister. Visit this post to check gifts for sisters.