How to Convert Cup to Tablespoon?

If you are carrying out with some baking and cooking, then it is necessary that you should be well aware from the actual measurements of the ingredients that is to be used in it. According to the size of the recipes, the amount of the item that are to be used are carried out in the forms of cups, ounces, liters or spoons. In order to the measuring cups and spoons are known out to be necessary for culinary tasks. This is mainly because of the reason that they do provide with the correct quantities as compared to the using teacups, drinking glasses or spoons from flatware or silverware sets.

Now the main question that hit so many minds is that how they can convert cup to tablespoons! Well, converting the cups into the form of tablespoons is not at all intricate task. Here we will be providing you with the guidelines to learn that how you can convert the cup into the tablespoon:

Follow These Steps for Conversion of Cup to Tablespoon:

Guideline No 1:

1 cup is holding the amount of 8 ounces. In the same way 3/4-cup will be holding the measuring of the 6 ounces. Moreover 2/3 cup is added with the 5 1/3 ounces and a 1/2 cup is much equal in measurement with the 4 ounces. Plus, a 1/3 cup will make a 2 2/3 ounces and a 1/4 cup holds up to the 2 ounces and 1/8 cup is 1 ounce.

measurement cup

Guideline No 2:

Most of the recipes ingredients are often measured in the form of liters and sometimes milliliters rather than ounces. One cup will be equal to the 237 milliliters and hence 3/4 cup will make the amount of 177 milliliters. If you will be taking 2/3 cup, then it will be equal to the 158 milliliters. The amount of 1/2 cup will hold almost 118 milliliters and 1/3 cup will be much equal to the 79 milliliters.

Guideline No 3:

Mostly the conversion of the cup to tablespoon is found to be vital in the situations when the recipes are divided into the quarter and half portions. Hence in simple we usually convert the cups into the spoons when smaller amount of quantities is to be measured. Any cup is found to be equal to 16 tablespoons or 48 teaspoons. In the same way if you are taking 3/4 cup then it is said to be equal to the 12 tablespoons or sometimes 36 teaspoons. Moreover, if you are having 2/3 cup then it will be holding almost 10 2/3 tablespoons or 32 teaspoons. If you have taken 1/2 cups, then it will have the addition of 8 tablespoons or 24 teaspoons.

So these have been some of the important and helpful guidelines that will help you to learn about the methods of converting cup to tablespoon! We are sure enough that it will be helping you a lot in your task! Was it informative for you? For recipes and cooking tips visit First Health Mag site.