CHECK RESULTS: Charter Speed Test No Flash [Mobile and PC]

Charter communication nationwide speed test is also named as a charter speed test. This test is approved by the charter (a one of the major US-based ISP). It is available for everyone for free with limited service, but it gives more access and quality services to its paid customers. You can perform the same test for spectrum and time warner cable.

Test Your Internet Bandwidth

Charter need one click to begin the test.

  1. Before you begin, install the flash player.
  2. It is mandatory for your device or the browser that you are using for test purpose.
  3. Click on the middle button on the screen.
  4. Wait until three parts are done.
  5. This may take some seconds to be done.
  6. When all process is done, you will get a summary at the side or the bottom of the screen.
  7. The summary includes the graphical representation of the upload and downloads bandwidth of your internet speed.
  8. Under the graph, you will see the plain test summary.
  9. If you want to perform the test on a regular basis then login to the charter test services.

How to test your Charter speed test on quick note?

  1. Go to website of Charter speed test.
  2. Click start button (see at image).charter speed test results
  3. And wait few seconds.
  4. It will show your your internet speed results.

Working of Charter Speed Test

Charter’s follow the same method like other internet speed test. It works on the phenomenon of download and uploading a fixed size file to and from their servers. It performs some calculation and then shows you the Mbps on the test reports. Charter speed test uses the OOKLA software for testing. This software is used by the ISP, and so on. The best thing about the charter speed test is that it automatically connects to the closest server and target the subject. It is the biggest reason for the select the charter speed test rather than OOKLA powered test.

How much is Charter Speed Test Accurate?

If you are wondering about the accuracy of the charter speed test and the connection from your PC and the charter server then I probably say that the results are not 100 percent accurate, because it uses the flash player for the testing purpose and it consumes the bandwidth. If you want the realistic speed than go for the non-flash and non-ISP hosted test.

The Internet is basically a hub for all computers, servers, routers, switches and so on. Everything needs bandwidth to be online. The speed depends on server factors, such as types of service providers, Wi-Fi, Ethernet and so on. But if you make a comparison of both Ethernet and WI-FI then Ethernet will be faster than non-wired connection.

How to perform Charter Speed Test If You’re Not a Charter Customer?

Some internet service provider makes a limitation for the customers on their network. But Charter ISP does not apply any limitation to its customers. It is for public use and free of cost. So, you all are welcomed here to perform the charter speed test to check the quality of the internet connection. But make sure the installation of the flash player before beginning the test.