5 Panel Drug Test: A Biospecimen

A drug test is a technical analysis of urine, saliva, hair, blood, breath or sweat to determine the absence or existence of any drug or drug particles. This test is conducted to check that whether the person of a specific field has used any steroids to increase performance or not. The purpose of 5 panel drug test is to identify the use of any kind of drug used by a person.

Five Panel Drug Test:

A drug test is basically conducted to detect any amount of drugs in the human body. It is the analysis of the biological specimen. The biological specimen is the biological laboratory specimen for research. The samples taken in Biospecimen are stored in the biobank.

5 panel drug test is conducted to ensure that the sportsman has not taken any steroids to increase their performance. It is also conducted for employer screening as per law, as employees are not allowed to take any kind of drug during job time. And it is also conducted to check the BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) means that policemen have not taken drugs or alcohol during duty.

This test provides a quick screening for customers who want reports soon. In the case of the immense emergency, test reports are provided to customers within one hour after taking samples in the lab. These results are provided quickly if there is nothing in test and reports are not sent for further testing. But, if there is something found in initial tests then reports will be sent for additional testing free of charge.

The laboratory will inform the customer in case the additional testing is required. Usually, reports are sent to customers within 3-7 days. Turnaround times are not confirmed as the delay may occur at laboratory due to uncontrollable factors and no credits will be refunded for Request ‘A’ test. You can place an order online for the drug test but make sure that lab where are you applying for a test is able to conduct that type of drug test you want to determine.

Drug test determines what?

5 panel drug tests are conducted to determine the following drugs:

  • Opiates
  • Cocaine
  • Amphetamines
  • Marijuana
  • Phencyclidine

Types of Drug Test:

There five basic types of the drug test. That’s why it is called the five-panel drug tests. These are:

Saliva test:

It is a bit expensive than urine test but, is cheaper than other tests. It requires processing to ensure the accuracy. It can detect the very recent use of any drug than other testing methods.

Urine test:

Another drug test is the urine test. The sample can be taken at home and then send to the lab for further processes. It is less expensive than other tests.

Blood test:

The most expensive test is a blood test and it is considered as more intrusive. It shows the accurate results.

Sweat test:

It is less common drug test due to less reliability of results.

Hair test:

Hair test does not usually detect any drug usage within the past week. It is more expensive than a urine test.