Thinking of a haircut? Want to give a new look and feel to your hair and yourself? You cannot decide. This is the dilemma one faces when he or she wants to go for a haircut. You are so used to see your face in a certain hairstyle and cut that you cannot imagine how you will look with a different haircut. Also you have in mind a certain haircut of a celebrity but do not know whether it will suit you or not or whether the hairstylist can imitate the haircut or not. Another major problem is that the hairstylist her/himself decides to chop your hair either very short or just trims them.

The result is that you are never satisfied. But, due to technological advancements, digitally the world is going faster than we have expected. Therefore, all your haircut issues are solved now. There are certain android apps out there which let you try hundreds and thousands of different haircuts according to you face structure which you can try and see which one suits best on you.

Following are 5 best free hair cut apps which you can try on yourself according to your needs and experiment and decide the best for you before actually going to a salon.


This app is android supported and has over 100k downloads. It is one of the best as it has haircut options for both men and women and can choose free haircuts according to your face cut, personality or preferences.


This app is iOS supported and has various features. The major feature of this app is that it takes your picture and converts it into a 3D model and then you can change hairstyles and haircuts according to you face and also see it all around in 3D that how will it give an overall look. The drawback is that 3D creates animation and still it would not give a 100% accurate image of the actual haircut.


This is another android supported app which contains over 900 different kinds of haircuts and also video tutorials of different hairstyles. The best thing about this app is that it is frequently updated with the latest kind of haircuts. So now you can follow the latest trend in haircut easily but the drawback is that you cannot imagine the haircut on your face as it has no uploading picture option.


This is one of the best app for free haircuts on android as it contains haircuts of all the celebrities. It allows you to upload your photo and you can try on any haircut and hairstyle of your favorite celebrity and feel like a star by getting their haircuts.


This is another top free haircut app. This hairstyle simulation app allows you to upload a photo of yourself and then presents several haircut options which you can attach to your photo to see how it looks. You can try plenty of haircuts on yourself before you actually go the salon. A major advantage of this app is that you an even refer to the expert section of the app where you can ask any query relating to haircut that which will suit your face shape and lifestyle and they will give their expert opinions.

The only drawback of these haircut apps is that they have multiple cuts and ideas for long hair as long hair can be cut and styled in various ways, while there are lesser options available for short length hair.